It is a quality product with a very careful design. On the other hand, there is the Ak Sport 0603017which is also a great product. It is a very easy to use poker game box. It is mainly composed of 200 tokens ideal for the whole family. With its lightness and also its ease of use, even children from 12 years old can play with it. It is also composed of a play mat which differentiates it from the others. It is a good complete package for family poker games. With good value for money, this product is ideal for beginners.

Buying Guide – How to Choose a Good Poker Game?

Poker is a strategy and bluff game that comes in several variants and formulas. Although these variations of poker are governed by different rules, the game is still played with card games, but not just any. Are you planning to organize poker nights with your friends soon? Remember to follow the advice to buy a good poker game that we deliver on our price comparison. The main characteristics to take into account at the time of purchase will be the format and types of cards.

Card format

How to buy a better value for money poker game? Before fully addressing this issue, let’s first look at the different card formats. The cards come in two formats, namely, bridge and blackjack.

Poker Cards

The bridge which is also known as narrow size or regular is 2.25 ”x 3.5” or 5.72 cm x 8.89 cm. These cards, which are narrower in appearance, are the most used in clubs, casinos and poker tournaments. Seasoned players are used to playing with these cards.

Blackjack, also called wide or poker format, is 2.5 ”x 3.5” or 6.35 cm x 8.89 cm. Wider and easier to handle, this format of poker cards is preferred by amateur players. It is frequently used in private parties. If you want to apply what you have learned online in a renowned tournament, train directly with bridge format cards.

Laminated poker cards

Whether or not you are a seasoned player, our buying guide for the best poker games recommends that you opt for laminated cards. The latter are not only very aesthetic, but they are also functional and robust. They will accompany you for several years. In this sense, plastic cards are significantly more economical than cardboard cards.

Note that the laminated cards are washable and withstand folds and marks made by cheaters. Their one and only drawback: the grip is not as comfortable as with cardboard cards.

Laminated cards are used in events that bring together the greatest poker players in the world. To be able to match them, you will need to use the same weapons. The official cards are indexed at the four corners, it will be necessary to take our during the purchase.