In general, demos are a way to practice before entering the real game with real deposits and money winnings. In principle, most casino gaming sites offer demos. This is why each game has its own demo accessible to beginners . Indeed, the principle is to make you discover the game and to be interested in its advantages. On the other hand, it also makes it possible to present to the player all of its articulations.

However, access to the demos is generally conditioned by the fact that you will necessarily have to integrate the real game after a certain number of games. For this, most can have limited access. On the other hand, you can access a wide choice of casino game demos to download from your internet browser to your media (phones or computers).


Apart from the demos, you can have access to many free casino games . These are the ones that use flash technology to allow you to play directly online. Many casinos offer this possibility. The advantage with free flash games is that they are not restricted like demos. However, free casino games are not necessarily available on all games.

Therefore, if you want to play a specific casino game for free, make sure that it is an unlimited version. However, with flash versions of free games, you cannot play with other people, but only against the computer.


To play online casino games for free, most of the time all you need is a click on the flash version of the game that interests you. However, to activate this flash version, certain criteria must be taken into account. Indeed, the free version or the flash demo of the game could be incompatible with your device. As a result, you may have difficulty starting the game.


In principle, many smartphones can easily adopt the free online version of casino games. Indeed, Android, tablet and IOS supports are almost all compatible with flash technology. When a mobile casino offers a free game that is incompatible with your type of device, slight configurations in the settings will be necessary.

However, access to free casino games is generally straightforward. In addition, some games are available exclusively on mobile, while others are suitable for both computer and smartphone.


On the other hand, those who use a computer will sometimes have to configure the settings of their device. But more and more, the flash version of online games adapts easily from Safari, Google chrome, Opera, or even Mozilla Firefox17.

In addition, for a better result, some aspects you will have to take into account the performance of your computer. Indeed, for a smooth game, you will need a computer with a minimum capacity of 512 MB of RAM. In addition, it must also provide a minimum of 128 MB for graphics memory. Thereafter, it will be very easy to unlock the flash version by simply clicking on the “Authorize” button if necessary.

However, you will need a fast internet connection and a substantial package.


Generally, all casino games available online have a flash version. This can be the demo or the version of the game available for free online without downloading. Indeed, you can play for free as well on slot machines, as in Blackjack, roulette or poker.


The slots typically have many free versions in flash and are usually very accessible. This will allow you to have access to an unlimited number of payment lines. The advantages and supplements of free play depend on the supplier. On the other hand, most slot machines have a free online manual to explain the rules of the game.


Blackjack in free flash mode is also an attractive option for free online gaming. Indeed, there are several flash versions of this game unlimited. Some demos also offer versions with bonuses that can be used in real game. However, these bets can only be placed in the game where they were won.


Regarding the game of roulette you can play its different versions online for free. Online roulette includes roulette with a single zero to increase your chances of winning. But the variants and advantages of this game generally depend on each supplier. Winnings are available in kind but the game demo allows you to prepare for its real version.


Video poker, on the other hand, has the same principle as for previous games. But as a special feature, this game generally offers more options in free flash mode.

In short, for each type of casino, you can access a wide choice of demo games. These are associated with the possibility or not of integrating the real game to be able to obtain real gains, in kind or in money.